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Monday, June 22, 2020

The power of exchange

This morning I woke up empowered by the Holy Ghost, an it been a long little minute since I felt this way.i was dealing with a lot of things as you may hasve read in the previous post before this one. I was in a of unforgiveness, and I did not want to remain in this place so I went before God, and I simply ssked Him to help me in this area of my life. 

My desire to be nin a position to freely exchange this heart issue unto God gave Him the authority to step, and do a washing in my heart, and remove that stain of unforgiveness that was lingering in my heart. When I woke up I felt a shift, and as I begin to move about I felt this call from God to get ready to enter into my prayer time. I spent some beautiful time in the presence of God, and I worshipped from a place of longing. 

My best to God is always when I am ready, and williing to make the exchange in my time with Him, and in how I live my lie before Him. How many of you know that God is a God of order? 

What I am learning with each new day living purposely for the Lord is that there is always soething to offer up to the Father in exchange for something far better than I could ever imagine. Have you ever seen the picture folating around with the young girl crying because she love her bear so much, and Jesus is calling for her to give Him the bear because behind Him he is holding an even bigger bear? 

Sometimes it used to be so hard for me to see the bigger picture that God was creating for my life, and I would get so beside myself in having to just have faith, and to see it through. I know, I know I should have never ever had that frame of thinking but I lived, and I learned to trust God with the exchange that I was making with Him. 

I want to encourage everyone that is, and or will read this to make an exchange with God today, and to trust His plans for your life because He truly knows what is best for you. 

I want you to meditate on this scriture throughout your day! 

Then Jacob said unto his household, and to all that [were] with him, Put away the strange gods that [are] among you, and be clean, and change your garments: 
Genesis 35:2

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