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Monday, June 8, 2020

The Power Of Admitting You Need Re-Direction In Growing Daily In Your Spiritual Life

This week has  been really great for me when it came to me handle the business side of my life yet my spirit was not getting feed as much because I had so many things in front of me that I felt required my attention.

So I would make up for not sitting steel enough to read my word that I'd open up my bible app, and listen to it while I was working, and on some day that was okay but I hungered for more of God; so I'd go into my prayer closet, and before I knew it I would be fast asleep on the pillow because I was so tired from the work that I had done.

I begin to feel the guilt seeking in that I was not keeping my alter before God lite with the burning fire that I begin with this year, and I was reminded that things can, and would get better for me in this area once I slowed down enough to see the changes that needed to be made.

So here I am getting back into the flow of what matters the most.

Somethings that has change my perspective in this season,

  • Making time to work on the vision that God has even me is not as important than laying at the feet of Jesus for hours on end. When I am at His feet i feel empowered, Loved, Whole, and like my Truest self in Him.

  • I ever have to wonder if He is giving me all of Him, and I never have to be guarded when He walks into the room I know that His love for me is unconditional 24/7

  • God knows where I am lacking, and He does not judge me but corrects me in love, and sometimes in rebuke, and I am fine with that because He knows what's housed within me, and He knows that there is a great fight against it coming all together this is why it is so imperative that I stay before Him day in and day out. 

So this morning I am changing the way I am starting my day, and currently it is going very well without any major distraction before me. I feel like I need to get to this place of admission, and I needed God to clear the pathway before me to get to Him because it was me stopping me from giving Him more time of myself with Him. 

So I just want to encourage anyone that feel as though they need to hit that reset button on their their growing in the word of God, and feeding their faith now is the time to get before Him, and cry out, and love yourself back in the word of God. 

My new schedule to spend more time with God, and in His word is from 5:00 A.M which has been my forever prayer time with him, and after that from 7:00 .A.M - 10:00 A.M to dive into the word of God, and to do my morning affirmations, and daily scriptures, and prayer on my main blog because I have not been attentive to those committment of growing daily there in those daily writing assignments for my growth, and for many others that depend of it. 

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