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Friday, September 27, 2019

What’s Hindering Me from seeking God in all areas in my life?

Yesterday I was watching a few sermons on youtube, and what I found out in my worship time was I was not spending enough adequate alone time with God. I would always pray, but for minutes at a time, and I would use every excuse in the book of why I could not commit myself to just buckling down to be in this space with God alone.

After viewing things that were in high priority in my life I reflected on how I am placing these things before God, and how I needed to set the record straight once, and for all in my life so that God will be the first, and only high priority in my life. As i begin to think about the these that I ran to in my life, and to make sure that I was feeding thing people place, and things that I put before God I then had to shake myself loose from them, and make a conscious decision that I would never place people or things in my life before God.

Here are somethings I had to be honest with myself on when it came to how I got here!
1. I found that I was placing my relationship before God.
2. I was putting social media status before God.
3. I was not putting time in where I needed to which made me at times purposely ignore God.
4. I would make any and every excuse not to submit to the things that God placed my hands to do.
5. I misused my time daily when I should have been at the feet of God.

I know that I can not stay in this cycle of not being alone in His present of God for me in this season alone i have faced a lot of dark hours, and still I was so hard headed though God was still calling out my name I ignore him all because of what I thought He was suppose to do in my life by a certain time. I know now that I must not grow weary, and I can not rush God in His timing.

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