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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Backing Away From What Constantly Hurts Me

Last night something happended that really made me look at someone differently than what I held them in a space inside of my heart. I never thought that this would occur again, and that the stage was set for us to move forward in the longevity of our relationship, but to my surprise this was not the case .I was so dumb founded on how a what seemed to be a perfect day and almost perfect evening can turn upside down when we spend only a few hours apart.

I leanred a valuable lesson in what I experienced on last night.  

1. I should never place my trust in no one Psalms 118:8
2. I should always discern rather than go off of an emotion that I feel towards so someone.
3. I should constantly try the spirit by the spirit

I know that there is a lot of things that I need to heal from behind this disaster, and i know that I have to have the strength not of my own; but from God that will get me to the finish line in this healing process. There is nothing like going through a reoccurring breaking with the same person. It's like reliving a nightmare all over again because the last of the last time you thought it was the final ending.

My prayer tonight is that God will keep showing me what I am holding on to that is not good for me, I asked for this, and I pray this in Jesus name. Amen!

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