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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Am I Looking For My Father In The Men I've Dated?Why am

This morning as i was in prayer I was consentrating on quieting my mind before god; so that he could speak to me, and as I was allowing the worship msic that was playing in the background to penetrate my soul I felt a shift in my thoughts, and as I was gaining a sense of peace My thought where on.....

God have I been looking for my father in men that I have dated? and immediately the tears started to flow from my eye. I went to go get my book where I keep most of my thought on a day to day basis, and I begin to write down a series of question which made me think about things about myself that i truly need to work on, and heal from in order for me to fully get freed from everything that is hindering me from going bolding into everything that Gods has created me to do for Him in purpose.

Here are the follow questions that I wrote down.

  1. Am I looking for my father in the men that I had relationships with?
  2. Why do I keep going down the same disruptive road? 
  3. What challenges me to go beyond what I see? 
  4. Is there anything that I need to forgive that's hindering me 
  5. from moving beyond where i am in my relationship with God? 
  6. Why am I so afraid to walk with God this time? 
  7. Why is this one sin so focused on me in this season of my life? 
  8. What spirit is trying to defeat my spiritual growth in God? 
  9. How can I effectively exchange this grief, this pain, this anger, 
  10. this frustration, this state of living in comparison around, and beyond my faults? 

So as i go throughout today in applying asnwers to these questions I know that it is not going to come easy to answer them, but I know that it must get done in order for me to move closer to my spiritual goals that I a going to meet in this 4 days fast.

I want to invite you to answer these questions for yourself. This is a time where the body of Christ needs to rise up, and take action agaist anything that is fighting us from gaining ground spiritually .

Please leave a comment below to let me know how yo are doing on day 1 of the healing & restoration fast. 

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